VACCE is a tremendous resource of education, training and support for the Chamber Executive.  We appreciate and value our membership in VACCE and rely on it to keep our staff on the cutting edge of Chamber operations.”

Teresa Beale, IOM

Executive Director & Past VACCE President, Franklin-Southampton Area Chamber of Commerce

I have been involved in VACCE throughout my entire Chamber career. The professional development offered is exceptional and covers every aspect of the Chamber industry through engaging programs, speakers & resources. An essential part of our Chamber’s success are the result of connections and friendships built through this organization.”

Bryan Stephens

President & CEO & 2016 VACCE Executive of the Year, Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce

VACCE is the fastest way to open doors to other Chamber professionals in Virginia. Information is shared, ideas are generated and mutual support is given. That is what you want from an association of professionals.”

Frank Tamberrino

President & CEO & Incoming VACCE President, Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce

It is hard to succeed as a Chamber Executive without investing in your own professional development and skills. As a member of the Virginia Association Chamber of Commerce Executives, you can learn from some of the top Chamber professionals in the industry and gain insight into the important industry and business trends that are driving our culture and our economy, knowledge that you can use to not only advance your career but to better serve the community where you live.”

Tony Howard

President & CEO & Past VACCE President, Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce

VACCE is without a doubt the most cost effective resource for Chambers in Virginia. The learning, sharing of best practices and connecting with peers has led to many positive outcomes for the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance and we budget for staff to attend VACCE programming every year.  You can’t afford NOT to be a part of VACCE if you want your Chamber to thrive!”

Christine Kennedy, IOM

COO & Executive Vice President & Current VACCE President, Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance

I have always benefited from my involvement in VACCE.  Chamber professionals are always willing to share their ideas, successes and even failures.  Several years ago I heard about a senior expo event that had been very successful in Verona, VA.  Based on their concept, we created a new event, Transitions- An Informational Expo on Aging Gracefully. Our Chamber netted $14,000 the first year. That is powerful – listen, learn and share!”

Debbie Jones, IOM

President & CEO & Past VACCE President, Prince William Chamber of Commerce

VACCE offers Chamber Executives opportunities to learn from fellow executives while providing a resource through which continued learning can take place. We make sure every member of our team has a chance to participate in VACCE’s informative programs to gain valuable tools to improve their work and make lasting connections. The Roanoke Regional Chamber and our team members have benefitted greatly from our VACCE membership.”

Joyce Waugh, CCE, CEcD

President & CEO & Past VACCE President, Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce